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May Day Protests In Paris Turn Violent

France’s protests are starting to look a little, “black and yellow, black and yellow.’

After Notre-Dame Receives One Billion in Donations, Gilets Jaunes Take to...

Is it wrong to donate to the Notre Dame when it's not the absolute worst thing going on in the world?

Gilets Jaunes Numbers Drop Dramatically In 16th Week

Low turnout suggests the yellow vests might not be as popular in France as they once were.

What Do the French Think of the Gilets Jaunes?

The gilets jaunes (yellow vest) protests were once wildly popular in France. Are they still?

Police Arrest Gilets Jaunes Leader During Weekend Protest

You say, "rendezvous," the gendarmes say, "unauthorized protest."

Gilets Jaunes Protest for a 5th Weekend, and It’s Costing France...

Macron tried to bribe protestors with raises and tax cuts. Apparently, that wasn't enough.

5 Things Emmanuel Macron Promised the French People in his National...

In a televised speech to France, French president Emmanuel Macron addressed the unrest that has rocked the nation.

The French Love Protesting, But Do They Love Protesters?

Hundreds of thousands of French people have blocked roads and marched through cities over the past week to protest a planned rise in the gasoline...
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