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All The French Beauty Products You Need For Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is never easy. But these French beauty products will help you make it look effortless.

Why Do French Women Have So Many Babies?

“French women seem to want to have a life and a career before starting a family.”

Beyond Bébé, Going Back to Work

To return to work, or not? That is every new mother's question, but maybe not the French mother's question.

What American Moms Should Learn from French Moms

What can American mothers really learn from French mamans?

An Expert Opinion on Perineal Re-Education

There’s a long-standing cliché around the world that in France, women get special treatment down there after giving birth to bring their sex life...

Pregnant in Paris: First Days With Baby

Lucie Rose trades spontaneity for strollers by the Seine.

Pregnant in Paris: The Big Day

It's the Big Day for Pregnant in Paris writer, Lucie Rose.

Pregnant in Paris: Maternity Leave, Pre-Baby

French Morning English Edition has an announcement: we're pregnant in Paris! Well, this writer is, anyway. Month by month, you can follow my trek...

Pregnant In Paris, Week 20: Girl Or Boy?

The ongoing Adventures of Becoming a Maman.

Pregnant in Paris: Breaking the News to the World, Your Bosses,...

Breaking the news to the world, your boss, and the public administration.
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