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Trump and Macron Discuss Parades, Elections, and Defense Spending in 4...

Macron and Trump discuss politics and military demonstrations. Only one of them understands the implications.

Macron Jostles His Way to Stand Near Trump in G20 Photo

It looks like he pushed Trump out of the way... or did he?

Macron is Eliminating Prison Sentences for Marijuana Use

Currently France has some of the strictest penalties in the European Union for possession.

Understanding the Surprising Success of En Marche!

France goes against the establishment once again in the legislative elections.

In Meeting With Macron, Indian PM Reassures Strength of Paris Agreement

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed to go beyond the Paris Climate Accord in a meeting with Macron.

Life After Politics for Ambassador Gérard Araud

Despite having a packed schedule (and he hasn't even begun the process of passing down documents to his successor), Gérard Araud has time to...

La Nuit des Idées – A Night of Philosophy and Ideas...

12 hours of intellectual, intelligent debate between some of the worlds greatest minds.

Fashion, French Values, and Melania Trump

Sophie Theallet has refused to design for Melania Trump. Why is she the only designer to do so?

Odezenne Collabs With Director Arthur Muller On Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Watch the video for Odezenne's new song "Chimpanzé" which brings awareness to the refugee crisis in Europe.

“Les Princes” by MZ Features Paris, Unromanticized

French rap shows a different part of Parisian culture.
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