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Meet the National Rally’s New Poster Boy, Jordan Bardella

“I prefer to focus on 2030 rather than thinking about the movement’s history," says Jordan Bardella about the National Rally.

“Reimagining Democracy” at Festival Albertine in New York

The fifth annual Albertine festival is unwrapping how the idea of democracy is changing in modern society.

Iranian and Russian Directors Prohibited From Attending Cannes

Censorship is alive and well in Iran and Russia, and the effects stretch all the way to France.

France Condemns Trump’s Comments on Bataclan Massacre and French Gun Laws

"Guns could solve everything," he says. The French think not.

Macron Goes On Charm Offensive As Protests Continue

A "convergence of strikes" rages on in France as students join rail workers against Macron.

Macron Says He Convinced Trump to Limit Airstrikes on Syria

The Allies launched an air strike this weekend targeting Syrian chemical weapons facilities.

Steve Bannon Speaks at Front National Rally in France

Steve Bannon stirs up nationalist sentiment in one of France's most powerful parties.

Charlie Hebdo Profiles the American Left

France's controversial weekly publication satirizes anything and everything. Can the US handle it?

Emmanuel Macron Celebrates Saved Factory

Macron talks taxes, industry, and labor reform at the Whirlpool factory in Amiens.
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