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Cirque du Soleil Presents Volta in Los Angeles

The Montreal-based performance group specializes in acrobatics, dance and stunts.

Isabelle Adjani and Peter Brook Will Be Featured at Crossing the...

The interdisciplinary arts festival Crossing the Line returns to the New York from September 12 to October 12.

Paris Art Exhibit ‘DAU’ Transports You to Soviet Russia

Part art exhibit, part film project, part ongoing experiment, DAU is a multimedia, immersive experience that transports visitors to Soviet Russia.

What It Looks Like Inside Paris’s Most Important Art Market

Contemporary art took over the Grand Palais this week with FIAC.

Paris Stays Up for Nuit Blanche’s All-Night Art Installations on October...

The all-night art installations set up through Paris are meant to inspire anyone interested in staying up until 7am.

5 Things to See During the Crossing the Line Festival in...

The FIAF arts and culture festival returns to New York for nearly a month of innovative and interesting performances, exhibits, and more.

French Performance Artist Lives Inside a Lion Statue for a Week

Some would call it self-burial. Abraham Poincheval calls it art.

The Successes and Struggles of American Artists in Paris Today

American artists and performers often head to Paris for work. What's is it like to be a working American artist in Paris in 2018?

Lyon’s Festival of Lights

Every year, Lyon becomes a fairytale come to life, an incredible display of human artistry and ingenuity.

5 Things to See at “Crossing the Line” this Fall

The New York contemporary art festival features many stunning performances, from the halls of FIAF to the streets of Times Square.
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