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What It Means to Be Parisian

The 78 percent of Parisians were born outside of Paris, so what does it even mean to be Parisian?

Watch Parisians Try to Pronounce English Words

"Hedgehog? I'm pretty sure that's a city."

Watch Parisians Try to Speak English

We know that Parisians can speak English because they speak English to Americans when Americans try to speak French. But what about when we actually ask them to speak English?

How to Become a Real Parisian (According to Statistics)

The Maire de Paris did studies and surveys to find out what the average Parisian was like.

French Women Share Their Favorite Swear Words

Learn how to sound elegant even when stubbing your toe on a nasty corner from these fabulous parisiennes.

Not Dating in Paris? “The Parisians” Says It All!

Not everyone thinks Paris is the City of Love...

Parisian Teens Being Emo

There's nothing like young love on the streets of Paris...
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