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Here’s What France Is Actually Doing to Fight Climate Change

France wants to be carbon neutral by 2050. But can it pull off the difficult steps it will take to get there?

Emmanuel Macron’s UN Speech was One Long Rejection of Donald Trump

In speeches at the United Nations General Assembly, the two world leaders were in stark contrast.

Eric Garcetti Meets with His “Sister” Anne Hidalgo in Los Angeles

These two mayors of sister cities, Paris and Los Angeles, met in the West Coast city early the week of September 10.

French Environment Minister Quits During a Live Radio Interview

A cold move is stepping down when your boss is out of town. But doing it on a live radio show? That takes some guts.

Macron Defends Trump on Paris Accord Decision

Emmanuel Macron says that he "respects Trump and his decision" to pull out of the Paris Agreement.

Colbert on Trump’s Post-Election Phone Call with President Hollande

Donald Trump "loves France, French people, and French wine," according to his phone call with ex-prez Hollande.
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