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25 Years Ago, France Legalized (Nearly) All Baby Names

If an American can name his daughter Moon Unit, why can't a Française name hers Mini Cooper? It's the law!

France is Literally Having ‘Riots’ Because of Nutella

With deep discounts hitting stores, French people want in on the thrifty action, to a point where they're fighting. It's not pretty.

Nutella: The Key to French Greatness?

The French are strangely obsessed with Nutella. Is it the key to their greatness, or will it be their downfall?

Everything You Need to Know About World Nutella Day

Nothing unifies the world quite like Nutella.

QUIZ: How Much Do You Love Nutella?

Everyone knows Nutella is the best, but how much do you love it?

The Secret of the French Diet Revealed

I recommend it, but not for the reasons you think.
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