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The Countries That Speak the Most French (Besides France)

Did you know that there are countries as far as South America and the Caribbean that are still part of France?

100 Years After WWI, France Honors the African and Indian Troops...

The French and Malian presidents met in Reims to honor African soldiers who fought there.

This Abandoned “Human Zoo” in Paris Will Blow Your Mind

If you thought regular zoos were problematic, wait until you get a load of this abandoned Parisian zoo...

Nigeria Gets a Charm Offensive Visit from President Emmanuel Macron

Macron's love for Nigeria extends beyond visiting Lagos nightclubs... he's looking for investors, and he's already signed the check.

Where to Get the Best French-Moroccan Food in New York

6 NYC restaurants for lovers of couscous and vin rouge. 

Africa Could Make French The Most Widely-Spoken Language in the World

Fun fact: most of the world's French speakers don't actually live in France.

The Kebab Paradox

The kebab is a favorite fast food dish in France. It's also the center of a heated political debate.

French: The Language of Oppression

France imposed its language on Morocco; now both countries are affected.

Fashion Activism at African Fashion Festival

Pro-tourism, development, native designers, and equality fashion in Niger.

“When Will France Have Its Barack Obama?”

The best quotes from a great discussion on race and racism in France.
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