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The Bal de La Montagne Sainte-Genevieve, Paris 1963

La Danse Apache: a violent fight, or a declaration of love? NYC comedian and French Chanteuse D'yan Forest decides.

My 1963 Cabaret Debut in Paris

New York comedian and French Chanteuse D'yan Forest tells the story of her first cabaret gig—in Paris in 1963.

New Year’s Eve in Paris and the Hunt for the Perfect...

Navigating New Year’s Eve in the City of Lights isn’t easy. If you want to make sure your soirée is a success, here’s your...

Meet Anderson Cooper’s Adorable French Partner

Anderson Cooper's cool French partner keeps a pretty low profile.

Bonafide: This Club is Midtown Heart of Afro-French Beat

This weekend's one-year anniversary celebration at Bonafide is not be missed.

Pitchfork Announces Set Times for Paris Festival, Club Night

Condé Nast's latest acquisition returns with the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris.

Daytime Dining but Dancing After Dark at Lapérouse

Can you guess their signature cocktail? Hint: Baudelaire would've likely approved...

Meet Anderson Cooper’s French Boyfriend: NYC Night Club King

Anderson Cooper's French boyfriend is a night club mogul with a knack for discretion.

Exclusive French Club Celebrates 10 Years –and Everyone is Invited

French Tuesday, started ten years ago in New York as a compatriot collective, has transformed into an international social phenomenon.
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