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Nicolas Sarkozy Will Be Signing Books at Albertine on November 19

The former French president will be signing his bestselling book "Passions."

Sarkozy Placed Under Formal Investigation For Gaddafi Scandal

Sarkozy battles allegations that he received €50 million in cash from Libya's former dictator.

Mary Kate Olsen’s French Husband

Is Mary Kate Olsen just really short or is her French husband, Olivier Sarkozy, just really tall?

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Tears Down France’s Burkini Ban

Unlike some French politicians, Stephen Colbert fully supports the wearing of burkinis.

Campaign Probe May Hobble Sarkozy’s 2017 Presidential Bid

If losing to Hollande in 2012 wasn't enough, how much Sarkozy spent losing may ruin his chances in 2017.

Sarkozy II: the Comeback?

American and French papers seem to agree: it would be a tougher climb for Sarkozy this time around.

Secret Sarkozy (and Carla Bruni) Tapes Are So Bad They’re Good

The latest French scandal about former president Sarkozy being taped by a close aide is one of these moments where France feels very small.

He’s Baaaaack! Sarkozy Returns and More from the French Press

Old foes return, rumors fly, and people seem to get away with murder. No, it's not the plot of a soap opera or a particularly dramatic high school prom -- it's a quick summary of this week's French press.
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