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This VICE Documentary explains the battle over ‘Laïcité’ in 10 minutes

A deep dive into France's complicated relationship with Islam.

Mandatory Masks & Banned Burqas: The New (Hidden) Face of France

French fashion designers love face masks, as long as they're not Muslim.

French Parliament Passes Controversial Anti-Terrorism Law

The French Parliament's new counter-terrorism legislation draws criticism from human rights officials.

Why the Burkini Got French Panties in a Twist

The backstory of the latest battles on French beaches

Muslim Women Talk About the Burkini Ban

Here's what Muslim women think of France's burkini ban.

Muslim Group Suggests Certifications for French Imams

The group hopes to put Muslim faith into the context of France's secular society.

Charlie Hebdo Writer Speaks to Not-so-“Charlie” US Audience

The recipient of death threats, El Rhazoui braved a lot more than the cold to speak in Chicago.
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