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9 Quintessential Marseillais Phrases You Should Know

Take French, Italian, Arabic, and a few centuries of mobsters, and eventually you'll get the Marseille accent.

7 Must-Try Food Halls in France

Where to go in France to find massive amounts of foods hailing from all around the world.

This Gorgeous Footage Of Marseille Will Give You Crazy Wanderlust

Take a trip to France's second city... minus the airfare and hotel costs.

Marseille Is Hosting An All-Year Festival On Provençale Food

The region's leadership and chefs hope the festival will elevate the area's food scene and reputation.

How Marseille Fell In Love With Soccer

“People from Marseille, they define themselves as ‘Marseillais’ first, then French.”

Why You Should Binge-Watch “Plan Cœur” on Netflix

Netflix has a new French series out called "Plan Coeur."

The Best Places to Vacation in France

Your next French vacation is only one click (and a few thousand) miles away.

What’s the Deal with Marseille’s Soap?

What makes savon de Marseille such a hot commodity? The answer is simpler than you think.

7 French Beach Towns to Visit this Summer

If you thought you'd made your travel plans for the summer, this article might change your mind.

Why You Should Watch ‘Marseille’ on Netflix Right Now

Reviews of Marseille have been mixed, but really, Marseille is bingeworthy and will have you hooked.
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