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What It Takes For An Expat To Get Married In France

Learn just what it takes to go from meuf to mariée in France.

What Dating a Married Frenchman Has Taught Me About Infidelity

We hear the the French think infidelity is typical and often necessary. Here's what an American having an affair with a married Frenchman learned about the French.

In France, First Comes Love Then Comes…Baby?

In France, generations X and Y are putting baby carriage before marriage.

Love and Marriage on Paris Time

Feeling the pressure to settle down? Calmez-vous.

True Crime: What a Real Fake Marriage Looks Like

“The deal was $5,000 when we marry, $5,000 when I get my green card, and $5,000 when we divorce.”

French Schools Better for Moms and Marriages

French public schools offer longer hours and discourage parental interference.
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