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Why Is Hillary Unpopular…in France?

"Anything is better than Clinton", according to French presidential forerunner Marine Le Pen.

France Calls Déjà Vu on Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and the Rise of Political Populism

How To Vanquish Trump: Treat Him Like the French Treated Le...

Adam Gopnik waxes Gallic on how the GOP could trounce Trump.

Jean-Marie Le Pen Endorses Donald Trump

Chris Christie, David Duke, and now Le Pen have recently endorsed the Republican candidate.

Marine Le Pen Launches Blog Just in Time For Facebook’s Angry...

The Front National leader is sharing her "Notebooks Of Hope" with the world.

Marine Le Pen: The American Precedent

Is the Front National leader France's answer to Donald Trump?

Marine Le Pen Gets Glamorous in New York

The FN president said that it was an "honor" to make the list.

Marine Le Pen Fires her Dad but Will France’s FN Suffer...

Father and daughter duke it out on the extreme right.

The French Far-Right Isn’t Scary Anymore and That’s the Problem

Like it or not, France is a country where the far-right has its say. After the significant victories of France’s extreme-right National Front party in the first round of mayoral elections last week, the French spent the following week squeamishly wondering how it came to that.
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