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Macron and Le Pen Address Voters After the First Round

After making it into the second round of the election, both Macron and Le Pen had a message for their voters.

Meet the Youth Voting for the Far Right in France

Meet the young, millennial voters who support Marine Le Pen.

Highlights From the First Presidential Debate

Who fared best at the first French presidential debate?

French Presidential Candidates If They Were Famous French Paintings

A picture speaks 1,000 words (or should we say painting?)

Is Macron Overtaking Le Pen in the Polls?

Will Emmanuel Macron be able to take on Marine Le Pen in the first round of the French election?

The 2017 French Election: Everything You Need to Know

All your questions about the 2017 French presidential election answered.

Marine Le Pen Spotted in Trump Tower and… Eric Trump Calls...

French Morning reported that Marine Le Pen met with Eric Trump. Eric Trump called to say that they didn't.

In 2017, World Prepares For French Election

The French election could be one of the most influential events of 2017.

French Prime Minister Resigns To Run For President

Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls hopes to fight off an authoritarian movement in France's presidential race.

What’s Happening in the French Election?

A quick rundown of what's going on in the upcoming French election.
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