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Gabrielle Caunesil Shows How to Get a Natural French-Girl Makeup Look

French model Gabrielle Caunesil shows how to do her daily make-up in this YouTube tutorial.

Camille Rowe Shows How to Do Effortless French Girl Beauty

Getting French-girl beauty has never looked so easy as Camille Rowe makes it look.

How to Get the “French Kissed” Makeup Look

Check out this makeup look inspired by the French film, "L'Amant."

How to Get a 5-Minute French Girl Makeup Look

French girls don't contour. Well, maybe just a little bit.

Learn How to Get Jeanne Damas’s French-It-Girl Look

Tune in for a casual bangs self-trim around minute 7.

Get this Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Look by Makeup Guru Violette

For when you want to take those big dramatic eyes out during the daytime.

Caroline de Maigret Shows How to Take Makeup from Runway to...

Two versions of one Chanel makeup look: one for the runway, and one for your runway.

Classic French Makeup Look and Skincare Tutorial

Learn how to get that classic French makeup look. Hint: grab every moisturizer in your kit.
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