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The Louvre has Reopened

After 16 weeks of closure, Paris's biggest museum is back.

French Cultural Institutions Providing Free Content Online

Take a trip to the Louvre or the Paris Opera without leaving your bed.

Why Louvre Employees Can Refuse to Work Because of the Coronavirus...

The most visited museum in the world has closed its doors because staff are worried about coronavirus.

Dangerous Tourism: Why France Is Too Popular

Tourism in France is causing some serious environmental and infrastructure problems.

The Louvre Is Closed Today Because Its Employees Are Striking

Workers concerned about their retirement security blocked the entrance to the Louvre on January 17.

The Louvre Will Make Reservations Mandatory for All Visitors Starting this...

Facing overcrowding, the Paris museum, which already encourages buying tickets in advance, will make advance tickets mandatory.

Why the Mona Lisa Isn’t Actually That Great of a Masterpiece

One of the greatest artworks of all time, or just another piece by Leonardo da Vinci?

Here Are All the Discounts You Can Get As a Young...

From the Louvre to your local arrondissement cinema, here are all the places in Paris young people can get discounts.

Spend a Night in the Louvre Pyramid

AirBnb and the Louvre are partnering up to celebrate the Pyramid's 30th birthday.

In 2019, the Louvre is Going to Be Free on Saturday...

Keep the 17€, you can get into the Louvre for free on the first Saturday of the month, and in a few other ways as well.
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