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How Americans Invented the Classic Parisian Cocktail

Famous American and British bartenders like Harry MacElhone turned the cocktail from a foreign import to a national treasure in France.

A Peek Inside Paris’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Stay where Hemingway stayed... if you can afford it.

The Fascinating New Exhibition at The Picasso Museum in Paris You’ve...

Goats, bathers, and battleships: step inside the world of Pablo Picasso.

How to Do Paris Like Ernest Hemingway

Seven spots that will show you Hemingway's Paris.

The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore: A Literary Landmark

If you're a book-lover heading to Paris, make Shakespeare and Company your first stop.

Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast Returns to Best-Seller Lists

From steamer trunks in the basement of the Ritz Hotel in Paris to the best-seller list.

6 Lost Generation Bars That Are Lost

Many American writers aspire to the heights of the Lost Generation, but the dream of a 1920s Montparnasse is just that: a dream, and one a century removed.
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