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This VICE Documentary explains the battle over ‘Laïcité’ in 10 minutes

A deep dive into France's complicated relationship with Islam.

French Catholics Outraged Over Cross’s Removal

Secularism in France hasn't always affected Catholics. It seems to be doing so now.

As a Jewish Atheist in France

My dual identity influenced my views of France.

“The Situation for Jews in the US is Just as Bad...

Bernard-Henri Lévy, author of "The Genius of Judaism" discusses anti-semitism with Charlie Rose at 92 Y on Wednesday, January 11th.

Why the Burkini Got French Panties in a Twist

The backstory of the latest battles on French beaches

10 Things You Didn’t Know About French Schools

It's almost time for back to school! (Yay?) Here in the U.S., students are flocking to Staples for school supplies and finishing up (hopefully not...

Charlie Hebdo Writer Speaks to Not-so-“Charlie” US Audience

The recipient of death threats, El Rhazoui braved a lot more than the cold to speak in Chicago.

Why Hobby Lobby Would Have Lost in France

If there’s one country that takes separation between church and state just as seriously as the United States, however, it’s France. But if the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby showdown had taken place across the Atlantic, there’s no doubt that Hobby Lobby would have lost. Here's why.
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