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From “Se Biser” to “Se Boujouter”: the Regional Variations on “La...

How many kisses are involved in la bise? What if you're in the South of France? The North? Is it always called "la bise"? Here's a linguist's guide to la bise.

When Is It Appropriate to ‘Faire La Bise’?

Do French people really always know when to 'faire la bise'?

What’s the Deal with France’s Greeting, “La Bise”?

Find out what "la bise" is exactly, where it came from, and why you have to do it.

La Bise vs. Hugs: A Tale of Two Greetings

What if French people felt the same about hugging, as we do about the double cheek-kiss?

How Many Kisses does it Take? La Bise Across France

At the very least, you'll never have to wonder if someone washed their cheek after using the bathroom.

To Bise Or Not To Bise

Paul Taylor of the French Fried Comedy Night would rather suffer the slings and arrows, thank you very much.

Is The French Kiss Even French?

This week, we ask: is the French kiss anymore a product of France than French fries?
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