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7 French Journalists to Follow on Instagram

If you're always scrolling through Instagram, you might as well add something educational (and French) to your feed.

French News in Context: 7 French Newspapers and Their U.S. Equivalents

So you want to read French and keep up with the news, start by reading something that interests you.

“A Symbol of Enduring Identity”: How The American Press Responded to...

In the aftermath of the fire that devastated the spire and two-thirds of the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral on April 15, the...

Where to Find French Books and Magazines in London

Here are our five favorite places to buy French magazines and books in London.

CNN Said Strasbourg Was in Germany

An error by the news network led them to put Strasbourg in Germany, not France.

French Art Exhibition Shows the Harsh Reality of Modern-Day War Zones

Photographs of the world's most dangerous regions are on display at an art festival in France.

Meet John Carreyrou, the Reporter who Exposed Theranos and Shook Silicon...

Franco-American journalist John Carreyrou describes his experience investigating the fraudulent behavior of Silicon Valley startup Theranos.

“America”: Viewing Trump’s America from across the Atlantic

In a new take on Trump's America, this French publication features both domestic and foreign authors recounting their experiences after the 2016 election.

What Happens When Fox News Asks the Jersey Shore about Bastille...

Americans don't know much about French history... or at least people on the beach don't.

Where to Find French Newspapers and Magazines in NYC

Five places to find your favorite French newspapers, magazines and journals in New York City.
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