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What Happens When Anti-Semitism Rises in France

Anti-Semitic attacks at French universities and synagogues have had French Jews on high alert.

Anti-Semitism in France and in the U.S. By the Numbers

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in France and in the U.S. Here's how the two countries compare.

Macron Announces New Legislation To Fight Anti-Semitism

The solution to anti-Semitism? Looks like social media is one way to start.

Are Gilets Jaunes Protests Fueling Anti-Semitism In France?

“These people are fools, uneducated, and they have no place amongst the yellow vests.”

Anti-Semitic Acts In France Fuel Growing Outrage

What it means when Paris starts looking like a World War II period piece.

A Trip through Jewish History in Provence

Learn the history of Jewish Provence and where you can visit ancient Jewish sites today.

French Jews Leave for Israel

France was the number one contributor to Israel's immigrant population in 2014 & 2015.

As a Jewish Atheist in France

My dual identity influenced my views of France.

“The Situation for Jews in the US is Just as Bad...

Bernard-Henri Lévy, author of "The Genius of Judaism" discusses anti-semitism with Charlie Rose at 92 Y on Wednesday, January 11th.

A Lonely Jew On Christmas…In Paris

However you spend Christmas in Paris, do not spend it alone.
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