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Emmanuel Macron’s UN Speech was One Long Rejection of Donald Trump

In speeches at the United Nations General Assembly, the two world leaders were in stark contrast.

Here’s Why French Companies Are Leaving Iran

Attempting to avoid sanctions from the United States, French companies are hightailing it out of Iran.

How Iran Sanctions Could Hurt Small French Companies

Iran sanctions may be the buzzword this week, but this French company is standing strong.

Israel’s Prime Minister Tries to Talk Macron Out of Iran Nuclear...

Macron takes a stance on preserving the Iran Nuclear Deal, despite opposition from Netanyahu.

Iranian and Russian Directors Prohibited From Attending Cannes

Censorship is alive and well in Iran and Russia, and the effects stretch all the way to France.

Macron Proposes an Alternative to Trump’s Plan for The Iran Deal

Macron wants to keep Obama's Iran Deal... with a few alterations.
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