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An Offbeat Guide to Paris’ Most Instagrammable Spots

So you want a beautiful picture of Paris? Maybe the Eiffel Tower isn't your best option.

A Photographer’s Guide to the Best Secret Views of the Eiffel...

Here's a list of places with competitive views of la Tour Eiffel minus the selfie sticks and souvenirs.

Jamie Beck: An American Photographer in Provence

New York photographer Jamie Beck is yet another American who left her Stateside life to pursue greater things in France.

Meet Rebecca Plotnick, American Photographer and Everyday Parisian

She began as an Instagrammer, then shifted to photography and influencing. Now, she's got a website. It's authentic, Parisian-styled, and fun, just like the woman behind the blog, Rebecca Plotnick.

9 Instagrams that Will Give You Crazy Wanderlust for France

All of France (and we mean all of it, not just Paris) is beautiful, and these Instagrams will give you the urge to travel.
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