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14 Thoughts Everyone Has While Learning French

From the grammar to the sentence syntax, learning French can have you pulling your hair out.

How to Use Irregular Verbs in Passé Composé

Learn the easy formula for using irregular verbs in the passé composé.

How To Master Partitive Articles In French

Only French could have six different ways to say the word "some."

7 Commonly Misused French Terms

The connotations of these terms may seem fancy, but to remain loyal to the original French, it's time to focus on the actual definitions rather than their de facto use in common English.

10 Complaints about French Grammar

The small, irritating differences between French and English grammar and punctuation.

10 French Words that are English Words with a French Accent

It's a special moment when you can say and English word with a French accent and be right.

The New York Times Tips Its Hat to the Circumflex

The crown's kingdom may have lost territory, but its power remains undiminished.

#JeSuisCirconflexe and the Death of the Oignon

You were never going to master the subjunctive anyway.
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