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What INSEE’s ‘Portrait Social’ Says About France Today

French people are living better but don't seem to think they are.

Everything You Need to Know About French Corporate Benefits

Don't start adding up the days off or you might just quit your job and move to France.

French People Explain the Importance of Their Long Lunch Breaks

Do long lunch breaks promote productivity? The French seem to think so.

Why the French Have the Best Summer Vacations

Why the French love their summer vacations, and why they are actually allowed to enjoy them.

Faux Pas to Avoid Making When Visiting France

Don't get caught making these faux pas when spending time with French people.

Across France, Protests Break Out Against Labor Reform

Union heads face off against police in this week's round of French protests.

French Workers Win “Right To Disconnect”

France now has a law that lets you ignore those evening work emails.

French Vacation vs. American Staycation

When, oh when, will we shake off the shackles of our workaholic forefathers?

Jeb Bush Apologizes For “French Work Week” Jab

The former Florida governor dials back his anti-Gallic rhetoric.

Jeb Bush’s French Kiss-Off

Jeb Bush’s command performance at the third Republican presidential debate on Wednesday included likening Senator Marco Rubio and his congressional colleagues’ schedules to a...
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