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Look out for Yuka, the French App that Analyzes the Health...

Track the real world impact of your purchases with Yuka.

French Morning Welcomes 125 New Investors

After a several month equity crowdfunding campaign, French Morning received $100,000 from new shareholders.

Invest in French Morning

French Morning, Frenchly's parent company, is looking for investors to expand into Asia and in the video department.

French Inventor Becomes First To Cross English Channel By Hoverboard

Bastille Day was only the beginning for French inventor Franky Zapata.

Station F, the International Startup Incubator, Has Bad English

The world's largest startup incubator, Station F, claims to operate fully in English. But the language mistakes would indicate otherwise.

Paris Finally Allows Driverless Cars to Test in the City

Driverless cars are being tested on Paris's tiny, winding streets.

Giant Robots Invade Toulouse

Toulouse got its own share of fantastic beasts this week, roaming the city streets.

Storefront Cinches First Place at Startup Tour 2018

For the second annual Startup Tour, organized by French Founders,

Nine Startups Will Compete in Startup Tour 2018 in New York

Back in its second year, the Franco-American startup competition aims to help the startup with the most potential launch in the US.
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