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Take A Virtual Walking Tour Inside Paris’s Covered Passageways

Shop like a local with this virtual tour of les passages couverts in Paris.

The 4 Classic Shopping Experiences You Can’t Miss In Paris

From Julia Child’s favorite kitchen supply store to the world’s first department store, these Parisian shopping centers are not to be missed.

Make the Most of Les Soldes: 13 French Brands That Deliver...

Les soldes don't have to just be in France. You can also benefit from them online, with discounts offsetting the cost of international shipping.

Where to Buy French Products in London

Though you as a Francophile may love London, you may not love the city’s food quite so much.

To Pay for Elysée Palace Renovations, Macron Opened a “Made in...

To raise money for restoration projects in the Elysée Palace, the Macrons created a new source of income.

Jeanne Damas’s Brand Rouje Opens Its First U.S. Pop-up in L.A.

French-girl style brand Rouje opens its doors for three months in Culver City.

7 French Outposts To Shop In Hudson Yards

You may have heard of New York's newest beehive at Hudson hards busting with activities, and of course, French stores be it fashion or pastry-shops.

Nolita, The New French Shopping District of New York

A Parisian breeze blows down Elizabeth, Mulberry, and Mott streets, south of Houston Street in Manhattan. For nearly two years, French brands have been moving...

11 French Scented Candles to Transport You to France

Forget about expensive bags and macarons, a candle is what will really transport you to France.
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