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5 Types of French Guys You’ll Date in NYC

They may insist they're all unique and different, but there are 5 core kinds of Frenchmen you can date in NYC.

What INSEE’s ‘Portrait Social’ Says About France Today

French people are living better but don't seem to think they are.

How You Know You’re Dating A French Canadian Guy

Beer, cars, and a Quebeçois accent — what's not to like about French Canadian guys?

10 Reasons To Date A French Guy

Love is in the air... love for French men, that is.

Elite Dating App The League Launches in Paris

While Paris is still considered the city of love, the French do need help in the dating department and dating app The League is now in Paris to help.

Homophobia in France: an Outdated Yet Brutal Issue

While the legal system supports the LGBT community in France, the general population might not.

Have Dating Apps Ruined the City of Love?

City of Love? More like city of a million matches and no relationships.

French Ou Faux with Damon and Jo

Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel... and Nekfeu? Can you recognize these famous French (or not!) faces?

French People React to Stereotypes of French Men

Dating Beyond Borders asks the tough questions about French men and their hygiene, style, and relationships.

My Monsieur Big Proved Me Wrong About Everything

Cross-cultural dating is more complicated than "it's complicated".
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