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How France’s Unique History Lets It Produce So Many World Cup...

Did you know France opened one of the first national soccer academies in Europe?

Rafael Nadal and Simona Halep Win French Open

Thirty-two-year-old tennis prodigy Rafael Nadal took home the gold at this year's Roland Garros.

Best Moments Of The French Open: Week 1

American darling Serena Williams has flown the coop, but that doesn't mean the French Open games are over.

Learn the Most Popular Sports in France and How to Talk...

Talking sports is an important part of speaking any language. Can you do it in French?

The Best Moments of the Paris Marathon 2018

When in Paris, you could have a cigarette and a stroll by the Seine. Or you could run a casual 26 miles.

Why These American Sneakers Are a French Fashion Staple

Do you know Robert Haillet? Maybe not, but you definitely know his shoes.

French Ice Dancing Duo Wins Silver in the Olympics with this...

This gorgeous couples ice dance routine will leave you in tears.

The 2018 Tour de France Route in 3D

See what next year's Tour de France will look like on this 3D map.

Meet French Rugby Player Rose Thomas

Rugby sevens player Rose Thomas explains how sports can help conquer racism.

Thomas Coville Smashes Record for Sailing Around the World

One Frenchman smashes the world record of another Frenchman.
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