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The Secret Versailles Apartments of Louis XV’s Mistresses

If your palace has 700 rooms, you might as well keep a few for your mistresses.

The Notre Dame de Paris is Looking for a Savior

Paris's most famous cathedral needs a facelift... but who's going to pay for it?

Where to Find France in Philadelphia, Paris’ Sister City

Paris and Philly go way back. Can you guess exactly how far?

A Tour Inside the Élysée Palace (Spoiler: It’s Beautiful)

Marie Antoinette may have had Versailles. But Macron's got his own palace right inside Paris city limits.

11 Most Haunted Places in France

France has a pretty bloody history. It's bound to have a few ghosts.

Own a French Castle for €60

Take a look at this real-life "Beauty and the Beast" castle in France, now home to vines and trees instead of French nobility.

There’s a Replica of Paris in China and You Can Live...

Outside of China's capital city, visitors can walk around another country's capital: Paris.

Notre Dame Light Show Commemorates WWI

Watch this incredible light show tell the dramatic 850-year history of Paris's most famous cathedral.
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