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Two Hours North of New York City, Foie Gras Producers Feel...

The law banning foie gras may apply to New York City, but the effects are felt elsewhere.

Everything You Need to Know About New York’s Foie Gras Ban

Foie gras has been banned in New York. But can you still eat it? What happens if you do? Here's what you need to know.

New York City Council Votes to Ban Foie Gras

The New York City Council voted 42-6 to ban the sale of foie gras in the five boroughs.

Foie Gras’s Fate in New York Will Be Decided This Wednesday

The French delicacy foie gras could soon be banned in another U.S. state: New York.

New York City Municipal Council Hears Arguments For and Against Foie...

A proposed bill banning foie gras in New York was argued in a municipal hearing this week.

After Being Enacted in California, a Foie Gras Ban Threatens New...

Just weeks after California banned foie gras, New York is considering their own ban.

Foie Gras is Banned in California… Now What?

On January 7, the U.S. Supreme Court settled the battle over foie gras. What does that mean in California?

Foie Gras is Banned for Good in California

Though some think that these activists are just quacks, the new law will keep more ducks quacking.

California Reverses on a Reversal and Re-bans Foie Gras

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday, California will go back to banning the French delicacy.

Watch Americans Try Foie Gras

You know what they say, never say you don't like something until you try it!
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