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26,500 French People Have Already Asked for Settled Status in the...

To stay in the UK post-Brexit, European citizens have to have "settled status."

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally Party Comes Out On Top In...

Turns out, the yellow vests are doing more than protesting: they're also voting.

ETIAS: What to Know About the New Form Required to Travel...

"ETIAS is NOT a visa. It is a 'visa waiver'," says the EU. Here's what that actually means.

Médecins Sans Frontières Faces Off Against the French Government

SOS Méditerranée says, "Not our fault, not our problem."

How Iran Sanctions Could Hurt Small French Companies

Iran sanctions may be the buzzword this week, but this French company is standing strong.

Macron and Merkel Meet to Discuss EU Immigration Reform

Merkel and Macron: the two European leaders stepping forward to reform the EU.

Refugees in Paris Fight for Asylum

In Paris, a thousand refugees are currently without homes or asylum thanks to negligence on the part of the French government.

Emmanuel Macron Encourages European Investment In Greece

Macron tells Europe to invest in Greece in the face of heavy Chinese investment in the Port de Piraeus.

Yes, Americans Can Still Travel to France Without a Visa…For Now

The European Parliament made an important vote on March 3rd... how will it change things?

France to the U.K.: “Goodbye and Good Riddance”

The Brexit caused mayhem in the U.K., but what's been happening in France?
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