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How to Make Galette des Rois

Because doesn't King Cake always taste better homemade?

Where to Get Galette des Rois in NYC 2017

Nothing better than a good ol' King's Cake to kick off January 2017

Beyond Brioche: The Galette des Rois

♫ We three kings ♫ were baked in your cake ♫

Where to Get Your Galette des Rois in NYC 2015

From pistachio to gluten-free, these bakeries have your galette needs covered.

Galettes des Rois: 15 Places in NYC to get King Cake...

Only a few years ago it was nearly impossible to find a real galette des rois in the US, even in New York. Fortunately, times have changed and French bakeries abound in the Big Apple where you can get a frangipane treat that is truly authentic. Here is French Morning's list of great places to get your Epiphany galette.
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