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The English Sparkling Wine That’s Giving Champagne a Run for Its...

Does the best sparkling wine in the world really have to come from Champagne, or is it just hype?

The Questions the French Google the Most About England

You can learn a lot about a country's stereotypes about another country through Google's autofill.

9 British Artists Who Sang in French

They speak English but sang in French. These Brits impressed us with their French croons.

Scallop Wars Break Out Between French and British Fishermen

Pirates have begun attacking British boats in the Channel—oh, sorry, not pirates, we meant French fishermen.

British People Quizzed On Common French Phrases

Whether you're saying bon appétit or bon voyage, make sure you know the meaning of these ten French phrases.

French Girls vs. British Girls

Are you more of a London girl or a Paris girl?

France to the U.K.: “Goodbye and Good Riddance”

The Brexit caused mayhem in the U.K., but what's been happening in France?

WATCH: President François Hollande on Brexit

"Deeply regrettable for the United Kingdom and for Europe."

Prince Charles Receives French Prize, Fears For Cheese

The genetically modified Prince of Wales rails against modern biotech.
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