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Watch People Zipline Off the Eiffel Tower

Perrier + tennis + the Eiffel Tower = the most French you can possibly get.

The Eiffel Tower Will Become One Large Park, from Ecole Militaire...

The Eiffel Tower will become one big park, crossing from Rive Gauche to Rive Droit.

Take the Ride of Your Life on a Giant Zip Line...

Take the ride of your life on the zip line going down from the Eiffel Tower, installed there from May 29 to June 2.

Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Man Caught Scaling the Side

The Eiffel Tower Spiderman: terrorist, or just over-enthusiastic Instagrammer?

A Photographer’s Guide to the Best Secret Views of the Eiffel...

Here's a list of places with competitive views of la Tour Eiffel minus the selfie sticks and souvenirs.

VR Jetpack Simulator Gives Riders Bird’s Eye View of Paris

For anyone who has ever wanted to tour Paris via jetpack.

Watch the Eiffel Tower’s Amazing New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Now these fireworks are something worth popping champagne bottles to.

There’s a Replica of Paris in China and You Can Live...

Outside of China's capital city, visitors can walk around another country's capital: Paris.

The Eiffel Tower’s Long-Lost Competition: A Granite Lighthouse

Jules Bourdais's striking design would have lit the darkest corners of Paris.

Eiffel Tower Reopens Amid Citywide Defiance Of Terror

Paris's most famous landmark opens its doors again.
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