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Sneak Peek Inside Flamme de Pigalle’s prep for a Dior fashion...

“When I wear makeup, I like it to look natural. It all depends on the outfit, on the event, but something quite simple.”

The Most Iconic Looks Ever Created by French Designers

Babydoll dresses, pantsuits, and bloody shoes: the legacy of French fashion lives on everywhere.

Couture in the Time of COVID: A Very Unusual PFW

“We all need to embrace nature. Every garment needs to have purpose for its existence in this world.”

LVMH Launches First Woman-Helmed Collection, Designed By Rihanna

France's biggest luxury conglomerate opens its doors to a new generation of designers.

Watch Dior’s Circus-Themed Paris Fashion Week Runway Show

Dior took some inspiration from the circus for this year's haute couture show.

Dior’s Knockout Haute Couture Lineup

Dior's new haute couture line is a stunning celebration of the female form.

Saint Laurent: Glitter and Glam on an Austere Paris Street

A fashion show isn't just about the fashion. It's also about the show.

Dior’s New “Feminist” Style

Christian Dior says goodbye to high heels and hello to comfortable fashion.

Behind the Scenes at Dior: Emma Watson’s Golden Gown

It looks like Emma loved her Belle gown so much, she wanted one for herself.
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