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Isabelle Adjani and Peter Brook Will Be Featured at Crossing the...

The interdisciplinary arts festival Crossing the Line returns to the New York from September 12 to October 12.

Isabelle Adjani Takes the Stage and the Screen in New York...

The iconic French actress makes her theatre debut in New York and chooses a slate of her favorite films.

5 Things to See During the Crossing the Line Festival in...

The FIAF arts and culture festival returns to New York for nearly a month of innovative and interesting performances, exhibits, and more.

5 Things to See at “Crossing the Line” this Fall

The New York contemporary art festival features many stunning performances, from the halls of FIAF to the streets of Times Square.

Crossing the Line: Art is More Than You Think

You probably thought art is for staring at. It's not.

Tickets on Sale for “Crossing the Line” 2014

Patti Smith will be headlining the 2014 edition.

A New York September with a French Flavor

New York is gearing up for a very French September. With parades, concerts and fairs, never before has France been so visible in the Big Apple.
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