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Air France Will Offer More Flights to the United States starting...

Air France's reduced summer schedule will allow some people to travel to and from the USA.

Payot Bookshop in Lausanne Reopens for Online Delivery

"We can't afford to put booksellers, customers, delivery people at risk for a symbolic action."

As New York Restaurants Prepare to Close, French Restauranteurs Worry About...

French restauranteurs face a crisis not dealt with by all restauranteurs: if you ultimately lose your business because of coronavirus, then you lose your visa to be in the US.

Here’s What Airlines Are Offering Customers with Upcoming France-US Flights

You may not be able to get a refund, but you can change your ticket. Here's what each airline is offering.

Emmanuel Macron Closes All French Schools, Implores Citizens to Stay Home

After cases of COVID-19 jumped by over 500 in a day, the French President address the nation to share his plan of action.

Can I Still Go to France? Here’s How Vacations to France...

Here's what you need to know about how coronavirus could affect your planned trip to France

Why Louvre Employees Can Refuse to Work Because of the Coronavirus...

The most visited museum in the world has closed its doors because staff are worried about coronavirus.
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