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‘Lunch in Paris’ Cookbook Makes French Cooking Simple and Easy

The new cookbook by Suzy Ashford provides easy, approachable recipes for French classics.

Anthropologie Just Released a New French Bistro-Themed Kitchenware and Dinnerware Set

The unofficial boho Francophile brand, Anthropologie is meeting your French bistro kitchenware needs.

Cédric Grolet and Dominique Ansel Share their Secrets to Making Good...

“The idea is to make you think, ‘When I eat this fruit, it’s even better than nature.’”

How to Host A French Apéritif, According to Food Writer Rebekah...

Perfect the art of the French pre-dinner aperitif drink with top tips from food writer and aperitif expert Rebekah Peppler.

Make A Simplified Version Of Ratatouille With French Guy Cooking

Alex Gabriel=what would happen if a Pixar cartoon chef came to life.

How To Make Choux Pastry Dough For All Kinds Of French...

The building block of French pastry is easy enough for any home cook to give it a shot.

How To Make Moules Marinière

Parsley, mussels, and white wine. Could it get any simpler than that?

FERRANDI Paris’s Cooking Programs Will Take You from Amateur to Master...

For advancing a career in the kitchen, FERRANDI Paris will give you the best training available.

Where to Buy Pâte Feuilletée (Puff Pastry) in New York

Pâte feuilletée is that essential piece of the pie that's often missing from super market shelves.
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