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Is ‘Yesterday’ Plagiarized from a French Graphic Novel?

As the author of the “Yesterday” graphic novel has pointed out, the similiarities with the film are numerous.

Fary: the 25-Year-Old Comedian Changing the French Comedy Game

This fresh-faced comedian is taking France (and now Netflix) by storm.

Pénélope Bagieu Tells the Stories of Brazen Women — and Wants...

Pénélope Bagieu is a star among connoisseurs of French comics. Here's what this Parisian cartoonist has to say about her creative process, the differences between French and American comics, and more.

5 French Cartoonists You Should Know

Meet five French cartoonists who have shaped and continue to shape French comics, AKA bande dessinée.

The 9 French Graphic Novels Everyone Should Read

Les Bandes Dessinées truly are an artform... and the 10 best ones are available in english!
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