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Enjoy French Cocktails and Cheese at Murray’s Cheese Shop on July...

Attend a French cocktail and cheese event at Murray's Cheese Shop.

3 Patriotic Cocktail Recipes to Make for France’s Big Weekend

France is in for a big weekend and some liquid appreciation is definitely under way. Here's three simple cocktail recipes to keep you buzzed.

Which Absinthe Brands You Can Find in the U.S.

Is absinthe a murderous poison or divine inspiration in liquid form? The drink's unique history might surprise you.

7 Best Rooftop Bars in Paris

Rosé just doesn't taste as good if you're not watching a sunset while you're drinking it.

Paris Cocktail Week returns January 20-27

A week of discounts of delicious drinks custom-made for the occasion.

How to Make a Parisian Sunset Cocktail

Drinking a Parisian Sunset while watching a Parisian sunset? Just another day at rooftop bar Le Perchoir.

Absinthe Cocktails Inspired by the Six Coolest Bars in Paris

Learn how to make one of La Fée Verte's famous absinthe cocktails in this video.

5 French Cocktails You Should Know How to Make

Enjoy these 5 refreshing cocktail recipes, courtesy of Paris.

Classy French Cocktails for Bastille Day

Celebrate France's freedom with some French wine at your Bastille Day party.

Cocktail Week in Paris is Back!

Whiskey, wine, and White Russians all week long.
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