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How Americans Invented the Classic Parisian Cocktail

Famous American and British bartenders like Harry MacElhone turned the cocktail from a foreign import to a national treasure in France.

5 Cocktails to Make with St. Germain Liqueur

These mouthwatering St. Germain cocktails will have you planning your next dinner party.

Meet The Monks Who Hold The Secret Recipe For Chartreuse

Take a look inside the distillery where the mysterious liqueur Chartreuse is made.

Paris Cocktail Week Returns this January 18 to 26

The City of Light becomes the City of Drinks this January with 30% off cocktails at participating bars.

How To Make a French 75 Cocktail

What's more French than champagne? A French 75 champagne cocktail.

All The Vocab You Need for a Night Out in France

Never again stumble when ordering a beer at a French bar with this vocab cheat sheet.

Enjoy French Cocktails and Cheese at Murray’s Cheese Shop on July...

Attend a French cocktail and cheese event at Murray's Cheese Shop.

3 Patriotic Cocktail Recipes to Make for France’s Big Weekend

France is in for a big weekend and some liquid appreciation is definitely under way. Here's three simple cocktail recipes to keep you buzzed.

Which Absinthe Brands You Can Find in the U.S.

Is absinthe a murderous poison or divine inspiration in liquid form? The drink's unique history might surprise you.
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