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9 Abandoned French Châteaux That Are Eerily Beautiful

There are thousands of castles in France. And most of them have, unfortunately, fallen into disrepair.

How to Have the Ultimate French Castle Experience

Live like a king/queen in sumptuous castles in France.

7 French Châteaux You Can Easily Visit From Paris

When Paris seems to get smaller and smaller, take a quick day trip out to visit these spacious and splendid castles.

Music, Wine, and Glamping at Château de Pommard’s Rootstock Festival in...

Château de Pommard in Burgundy will host Rootstock music, food, and wine festival this summer over Bastille weekend.

9 French Towns that’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Living in...

Visit the French towns and castles that inspired stories like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Sleeping Beauty."

7 Fairytale French Châteaux You Can Actually Stay In

Fairytales come true when you can stay the night in a French chateau.

The Secret Versailles Apartments of Louis XV’s Mistresses

If your palace has 700 rooms, you might as well keep a few for your mistresses.

See Versailles in 4 Minutes

Tourist season is coming. The time to visit Versailles is now.

Explore the Beautiful Old Town in Nice

Take a look around one of France's hottest tourist spots in this video.

11 Most Haunted Places in France

France has a pretty bloody history. It's bound to have a few ghosts.
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