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French Prime Minister Unveils Plan to End COVID-19 Lockdown in France

The French are going back to work and school, but they won't be doing much else.

Where Do The Iconic Parisian Bistro Chairs Come From?

No Parisian terrasse is complete without them. But do you know where they come from?

Best Cafés to Work From in Paris

Where to go in Paris when your wifi crashes and you've got a deadline in three hours.

These Coffee Shops Are Changing French Café Culture

Paris has never paid much attention to its coffee, as long as it's cheap, bitter, and served in an espresso cup. These tastemakers are setting out to change that.

How to Order in a French Cafe

Learn how to get in and out of a French café without losing your confidence in this survival guide to Parisian coffee culture.

Liberté, Égalité, Salon de Thé: Toulouse’s Best Cafés & Cakes

Check out the best 7 pastry cafés in Toulouse for a peaceful afternoon with thé and pastries.

French Coffee 101

How to order - and enjoy - coffee like the French.

What’s the Deal With Tipping in France?

Why this "American" habit is demodé in France.

WATCH: Paris vs. Nespresso

Two Parisian coffee entrepreneurs talk about what they're doing to change the coffee scene in France.

6 Lost Generation Bars That Are Lost

Many American writers aspire to the heights of the Lost Generation, but the dream of a 1920s Montparnasse is just that: a dream, and one a century removed.
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