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Is McDonald’s Really More Popular in Paris than New York?

It’s the French, not the Americans, who are lovin’ it.

The Question of Happiness: Sandra Meunier at TEDxCannes

What does France, world champions of pessimism, have to say about happiness?

Anne Morgan, Francophile Daughter of JP Morgan

A new book details the little-known philanthropy of the banking magnate's daughter.

Marianne to U.S. Companies: Thanks, But Pay Your Taxes

A reported €4.2 billion in French taxes were legally dodged by U.S. multinationals in 2012.

Flashgap, the French App for Party Pics, Launches in the US

Just in time to capture your Halloween madness and deliver a trick-or-treat package the next day.

Foreign Exchange Program For Startups In New York, Paris

Ten lucky NYC entrepreneurs will spend the spring growing their businesses in Paris.

11 French Tech Startups to Watch in 2015

Techies bringing their French touch to art sales, voicemail, makeup and more.

How To Select An Executive Coach?

Sponsored Article. Challenged with increasing responsibilities and complexity, more and more executives seek the support of a coach.Manuelle Charbonneau, Ph.D., is a bilingual and bicultural executive...

Benjamin Bernet: Oprah’s French protégé

Doobop, his new cosmetics brand recommended by Oprah Winfrey, is picking up momentum.

5 Startup Incubators With a French Touch

Startup incubators that cater to promising French businesses.
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