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Could Paris Be The New Business Capital of Europe?

Paris battles with Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Dublin to see who can poach the most jobs from London post-Brexit.

Emmanuel Macron Celebrates Saved Factory

Macron talks taxes, industry, and labor reform at the Whirlpool factory in Amiens.

Scribing App “Ava” Wins First Prize at Startup Tour

Startup Tour is the leading competition for French startups in North America.

Emmanuel Macron Encourages European Investment In Greece

Macron tells Europe to invest in Greece in the face of heavy Chinese investment in the Port de Piraeus.

French Workers Protest at Car Manufacturing Factory

Protests break out at a French car manufacturing company as 280 people try to save their jobs.

Forbes France Sets Launch Date

Forbes has launched their all-French edition online.

French Company Sigfox Revolutionizes The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things just got even more exciting thanks to a French company called Sigfox. Never heard of it? You will soon.

Is McDonald’s Really More Popular in Paris than New York?

It’s the French, not the Americans, who are lovin’ it.

The Question of Happiness: Sandra Meunier at TEDxCannes

What does France, world champions of pessimism, have to say about happiness?

Anne Morgan, Francophile Daughter of JP Morgan

A new book details the little-known philanthropy of the banking magnate's daughter.
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