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In New York, Brigitte Macron Emphasizes Her Support for Women’s Equality

While President Macron was at the U.N., the First Lady was discussing women's equality initiatives.

Everything that Happened at Last Night’s State Dinner

The Franco-American friendship has been reinforced by a stunning dinner for Emmanuel Macron and his wife.

The Rise of Macron: Documentary Follows How France’s Youngest President Won

How did Emmanuel Macron do it? This documentary looks into the incredible rise of Macron to presidency.

Should Brigitte Macron Hold an Official “First Lady” Position?

In America, it's First Lady. In France, it's first lady. (See the difference?)

Rihanna Meets with Macron to Discuss Education Initiative

Emmanuel Macron met up with Rihanna last week to discuss global education.

Stephen Colbert recounts Trump’s Numerous Faux Pas in France

Stephen Colbert gives a hilarious run down of Donald Trump's trip to France, and all the faux pas he made while there.

Who is Brigitte Macron?

There's more to Emmanuel Macron's wife, Brigitte Trogneux, than her age.
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