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26,500 French People Have Already Asked for Settled Status in the...

To stay in the UK post-Brexit, European citizens have to have "settled status."

Macron Responds to the Brexit Deal Getting Voted Down

Macron's living in a glass palace, and he's started throwing stones.

Scallop Wars Break Out Between French and British Fishermen

Pirates have begun attacking British boats in the Channel—oh, sorry, not pirates, we meant French fishermen.

Could Paris Be The New Business Capital of Europe?

Paris battles with Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Dublin to see who can poach the most jobs from London post-Brexit.

France to the U.K.: “Goodbye and Good Riddance”

The Brexit caused mayhem in the U.K., but what's been happening in France?

WATCH: President François Hollande on Brexit

"Deeply regrettable for the United Kingdom and for Europe."
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